Plumbing Projects

We Fix & Care comes to your aid whenever faced with problem pertaining to drains, faucets and other upgrades. We are the safe and secure plumbing contractor in Pune and also take contract in other cities in India. We provide services for drain cleaning, faucet repair, faucet installation, sink repair, sink installation and much more all under one service call. Our plumbers are well-mannered and ensure the place is left spick and span after job completion.

The following plumbing services are offered:

Heating system repairs,
maintenance and installations
Plumbing installations,
repairs and maintenance
Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Water Heater Installations Gas, Electric, Toilet (Typical), Replacing leaking toilet, Replacing shut off valves, Clearing drains, Replacing toilets,

Sink Cogged up, Drain leak, Faucet leak, Remove/install new faucets, Kitchen, Bathroom, Replacing/repairing sink pipes, Leaking supply line, Clogged aerator, Slow water flow, Caulking or re-grouting, Replacing sprayer in kitchen, Replacing garbage disposal